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 Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of the Tax Solution Store and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


Mr. Enzi does a great work, I was been audited by the IRS I talk to him about my case, he started to work right away, cause the IRS said that I owed them 25000.00 and tanks to his experience and professionalism he almost cut that amount to nothing I only end up paying 500.00, I was so glad he resolved my big problem.

Elmer O.

My husband left me, he cashed out the retirement funds, and took off sticking me with a mortgage, kids in high school & college and an $80,000 tax bill. Marc Enzi at the Tax Solution Store was able to shift the entire tax bill to my former husband. Thanks Tax Solution Store!

Ms. J. Q. Katy, TX, USA

The IRS said we owed $60,000, we handled our own audit and afterward the IRS increased the bill to $400,000. Marc and the team at the Tax Solution store worked really hard to catch up 3 years of bookkeeping, payroll, mileage logs, etc… They appeal the IRS decision and won what we thought was a lost cause; we wound up owing nothing!. A no change Audit!. Gracias TSS!

Fernando & Sue M., Katy, TX, USA

My wife and I moved to the US from Toronto Canada in 2012. We had a lot of moving expenses and some pretty big medical bills. We had our tax return prepared at one of the ‘quick quick get in get out collect $50 Instant Flash Cash’ places that first pressured me to sign up for a refund loan and I should not worry about the fee, then they said that I owed and they demanded an $875 upfront fee but could not explain why I owed over $2,000. I decided to check the BBB and found the Tax Solution store, I went in for a second opinion. The staff was courteous, knowledgeable and showed me that I was due a $730 refund. I was nervous about getting a refund when the last place said I owed so much. The owner Mark Enzi wrote me a guarantee that he would stand behind his work and defend any audit, we feel much better that our tax preparation was handled correctly by licensed professional who stands behind his work. The fee wound up being much less than the ‘quick quick get in get out collect $50 Instant Flash Cash.

Mr. & Mrs. Singh. Houston, TX, USA

Our company made some mistakes with prior years payroll of foreign employees in the US on short term assignments. It was going to cost us $2 million in penalties. The Tax Solution store fixed the bookkeeping and payroll, filed the International Returns, and negotiated a deal with IRS to abate a little over $1.6 million in penalties.

Oil & Gas Services, Houston, TX, USA

In 2006 business slowed down and we got behind in payroll taxes. It was either make payroll and buy supplies for the next job, or pay the IRS, we gambled that we’d make it up next month. We were wrong, things didn’t turn around and it spiraled out of control hoping the next big job would come along; and one unfiled payroll quarter became 30 quarters, we let out bookkeeper go, and we stopped filing the corporate as well. We managed to stay in business and barely keep afloat, but I was losing sleep the IRS would come knocking. The knock came last July, the IRS didn’t even know what we owed, but they knew we owed a lot. I had 30 days to file all the past due returns and pay up or they were going to shut us down and maybe take me away. I was panicking, I had tax liens and calls from salesmen all over the Country. I didn’t know who to believe or where to turn, then I heard about Enrolled Agents, I checked with the National Association of Enrolled Agents and found Mark Enzi at the Tax Solution Store. The BBB had an A rating, so we called. It was a good thing too, a few days later the IRS seized all the money in the Company Bank Account. The Tax Solution Store got to work, caught up 7 years of bookkeeping, payroll filings, Corporate Tax Returns and got me my money back so I could make payroll and pay the rent. The Tax Solution helped my Company step out of owing a little over $150K in taxes, penalties and interest. These guys are crazy good at what they do.

Donnie S. Construction Services. Katy, TX, USA

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