Shadow Payroll

Shadow Payroll Services

Managing international assignments requires considerable synchronization between the international HR mobility department, Home and Host Country Business Unit payroll teams, and Assignees. Companies are faced with many challenges of running a shadow payroll in the host country.

Shadow payroll are often very complex and requires extensive planning and expertise. Tax Solutions focusses on reducing your administrative workload and risk of non-compliance. We have the expertise to plan and process your shadow payroll.

Our Shadow Payroll Services may include:

  • Collect all taxable elements delivered in the home or host country.
  • Record shadow payroll components in the correct currency.
  • Process monthly shadow payrolls calculating taxes required to be deposited with the host or home country.
  • Update compensation withholding balance sheets.

Trailing year tax payments can create US source income for an Assignee who is not even in the US yet has a tax filing requirement and liability; precise tax withholding can avoid this and save your company and employee thousands un-needed compliance and administration costs.

As you plan for international assignments work with Tax Solutions, your international tax experts, to help you plan and process your shadow payroll. Our top priority is to keep you compliant with regulations and reduce your administrative workload.


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