Global Mobility Assignee Consultation

Tax Solutions Global Mobility Team helps American assignees living abroad and Foreign Assignees living in the US with global mobility services tailored to their specific needs.

It is important Assignees receive tax consultations at least annually in conjunction with additional global mobility services like tax preparation to ensure the Assignee and Employer avoid unintended tax consequences and employees misunderstanding.

Our Global Mobility Assignee Consultation may include:

Pre-Assignment Briefings

We can do these one on one in person, via Skype or conference call to individual assignees or large group.

Global Mobility Special Tax Rules

It is important that your global mobility assignee understands the special tax rules of working abroad as well as your company’s tax policy.

Global Mobility Assignee Tax Reimbursement

We help assignees understand your company’s tax reimbursement policies and help them plan.

Global Mobility Tax Implications

We help global mobility assignees avoid costly tax implications, including hypothetical tax.

Global Mobility Company Plan

Depending of the company’s plan for the assignees, we may review special bonus plans, stock options, etc.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Prior to an Assignee’s last year of Assignment, it is also important to have a Pre-Departure Briefing

Our focus is on understanding the objectives of the employer as well as the assignees. We understand each global mobility assignment is unique, and pride ourselves on delivering quality global mobility tax services tailored to your needs and goals.



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