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What is FIRPTA? Do you have a FIRPTA deal closing today or next few days? Whether you are in Business Development, a Real Estate Agent or Escrow Officer, we can help.

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We are your source for tax compliance solutions and advisory services.

Want to pay less tax, keep more of what you earn and avoid IRS headaches?

We are committed to getting your tax return done right with an eye on minimizing tax and avoiding IRS problems before they become a problem.

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We help Americans living abroad and Foreigners Expats or Rotators living in the US. We understand each international tax service is unique, and pride ourselves on delivering quality tax services tailored around your needs.


We are committed to help you solve your IRS problems and develop tax planning strategies to avoid costly mistakes. As your tax advisor our top priority is to keep you out of trouble with the IRS.

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Whether you need us to prepare your personal taxes or small business taxes, we will ensure you’ve complied with the law and not wasted money overpaying tax, always protecting your best interests.

Countdown to 2020 Extended Filing Deadline
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Do you have a tax dispute with the IRS?

Have un-opened mail from the IRS? Do you owe money to the IRS? Has the IRS frozen your bank account or filed a Federal Tax Lien? Losing sleep over tax troubles? We can help, call us to get this resolved and move on with your life!

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We help Americans living abroad, Foreign Expats, and Rotators living in the US, with tailored international tax services.

We understand each international tax service is unique, and pride ourselves on delivering quality tax services tailored to your needs. Inefficient international tax planning can significantly impact your business. Work with a dedicated international tax solutions experts focused on compliance risks, planning, and budgeting. Contact us to discuss your situation with a dedicated international tax advisor.

When tax problems become a criminal problem?

Ever wonder how someone winds up in jail over taxes? It can be for a variety of reasons, but there is one common trait that everyone convicted of a tax crime shares — they talked ot the IRS.

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